Lansdowne Geriatric Dentistry - Specialized Dental Care For Seniors

Senior dental patients have oral health goals and concerns that are unique from what other dental patients may face. Many senior patients struggle with loose fitting prosthetics, diminished oral function, and health issues that impact their smiles. At Lansdowne Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we help our valued senior patients get smiles they can feel good about, while working to improve oral health, function, aesthetics, and comfort. As a family dental office, we believe that everyone, regardless of their age, deserves beautiful, healthy teeth.

Treatment for Senior Dentistry Issues

Dr. Paul Ellington and his team helps senior patients find economical solutions to common oral health issues that can cause discomfort, which include:Lansdowne Geriatric Dentistry - Senior Dental Care

• Periodontal disease
• Tooth decay
• Older, damaged restorations
• Ill-fitting dentures

Dr. Ellington helps promote excellent oral health so that patients can keep their natural dentition. If you are dealing with health problems that tie into oral health issues, like dry mouth caused by some medications or digestive issues related to inability to bite and chew properly, we can create an oral health regimen or treatment plan that protects and strengthens teeth and soft tissue.

For patients dealing with tooth loss and uncomfortable dental prosthetics, our family dental team works with you to create new restorations – like full dentures, bridges, and crowns –  that fit comfortably, look natural, and allow you to enjoy much improved oral function. No one should have to deal with loose dentures, chipped crowns, or yellowing prosthetics.

Establishing Excellent Oral Health

Visiting the dentist twice a good year is a good general rule of thumb, but many patients need more attention from dental professionals to protect their oral health, such as those with periodontitis. In these cases, it’s important to visit our office more frequently, so that Dr. Ellington can ensure your teeth are healthy and that there are no oral health problems looming.

Quality oral health routines for senior patients can include special dental tools to brush hard-to-reach places in your smile, or to clean around dental appliances, or even mouth washes and rinses to fight decay and gum disease.  We help you find the best ways to care for your smile while you’re away from our office.

We Restore Damaged Teeth and Protect the Oral Health of Senior Patients

If you or a family member, are in need of dental care for senior dentistry issues, call our Lansdowne, VA family dental office for assistance. We can schedule your next dental cleaning, or discuss options for fixing decayed teeth and correcting loose-fitting prosthetics.