Discover Our Family Dentist in Lansdowne, VA

At Ellington Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we happily treat all members of your family to quality dental care in Lansdowne, VA.  From young children, to adults and senior patients, we offer full and comprehensive exams that include both diagnostic treatment planning and periodontal care.

Dental Appointments for Children

Dr. Ellington treats children as young as the age of three and helps them have healthy smiles well into adulthood. Children have the opportunity to take a tour around the office, meet the friendly members of our dental team, and get to know Dr. Ellington. We strive to make your children’s visit a comfortable and positive interaction.

First dental visits for children can either be a meet-and-greet, or children can have their teeth cleaned – if enough teeth have erupted. We welcome parents back into the operatories to keep their children company and to ensure their child’s comfort.

Specialized Oral Health Treatments for Seniors and Adults

Our Lansdowne family dental office also helps adult patients restore healthy smiles with treatments that are geared for problems that more mature patients may face.

During your dental appointment, we evaluate previously completed dental work and can recommend restorative procedures for any damaged dental prosthetics as needed. Dr. Ellington also provides:

• Gum disease treatment
• Periodontal maintenance
• Porcelain crowns
• Fixed bridges
• Root canals

Adults often deal with advanced periodontal disease and missing permanent teeth, which is why our family dental office provides gum care and natural-looking dental restorations. Dr. Ellington and his whole team want you to enjoy a strong and beautiful smile that allows you to feel confident and boosts your oral function.

Preventive Education for All Dental Patients

No matter your age, keeping up a routine of excellent oral health habits is essential. For children, this may mean learning how to brush for two full minutes twice a day, and cleaning hard-to-reach teeth. For adults, preventive education can involve finding the best oral health aids for preventing the advancement of gum disease, or flossing around dental work.

We are proud to give our patients the tools they need to maintain superb oral health all year-round and fight the effects of tooth decay and gum disease.

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For more information on dental treatment for kids, adults, and seniors, call Ellington Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for your consultation. We look forward to treating all members of your family!