Lansdowne Cosmetic Dentistry - Teeth Whitening, Bridge Repair & Dentures

Cosmetic dental treatments are intended to help your smile look its best. Many procedures under this general category actually help keep your teeth strong and healthy as well.  At the dental office of Paul Ellington, DDS, we’re happy to provide cosmetic dentistry in Lansdowne, VA to help your smile look beautiful and feel great.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can DoLansdowne Cosmetic - Teeth Whitening & Bridges

Modern treatment methods and strong, tooth-colored materials help cosmetic dentists like Dr. Ellington provide excellent dental care for improving patients’ smiles. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dental office in Lansdowne, we provide dental therapies that can:

• Replace missing teeth
• Protect weak teeth
• Correct flaws
• Fix tooth decay
• Whiten teeth by several shades

Our treatments – whether that involves replacing missing or extracted teeth with dentures and fixed bridges, or providing you with a custom dental crown to support a decayed tooth – are made to look natural.  Dr. Ellington uses materials like tooth-colored porcelain in crowns and white composite resin in dental fillings to ensure that your treatment blends in with your existing teeth.

If your cosmetic dental concerns include teeth that are too-small, or chipped and cracked, we can help you create a balanced look with porcelain dental veneers and/or cosmetic dental crowns. We can even brighten stained teeth with custom teeth whitening kits. No matter what the issue, Dr. Ellington and his team are able to create a treatment plan that helps you meet your goals for a more appealing smile.

Beautiful Smiles are Strong Smiles

Even more than giving you the smile you’ve always wanted, Dr. Ellington is able to help restore the strength of your teeth and bite with certain cosmetic restorations, such as:

Dental Crowns – A crown is placed over the top part of a tooth that has been affected by decay. While decayed teeth are weak and show signs of damage, a dental crown is make to look like healthy enamel. By adding a crown, Dr. Ellington is helping to stop the spread of decay to other teeth and reinforcing weak teeth for a stronger bite.

Fixed Bridges and Dentures – These treatments fill in the gaps causes by missing teeth – a dental issue that impacts oral function.  Our Lansdowne cosmetic dental office can replace one or two teeth with a bridge, or even an entire arch of teeth with a set of full dentures.

Composite Fillings – While standard fillings treat spots of decay on teeth with metal amalgam, we use composite resin. These white fillings are best for cosmetic purposes and help maintain the health and strength of teeth that have dental caries.

We welcome all patients in need of smile restoration and cosmetic dentistry into our Lansdowne, VA cosmetic and family dental office for personalized care.

To schedule your consultation, contact Paul Ellington, DDS and his friendly dental team. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy, picture-perfect smile of your dreams!